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Lift Companies Nigeria
Lift Companies Nigeria

INSTALLATION(Lifts and Escalators)

As one of the utmost lift companies in Nigeria, we can tell you that a new lift is not only a capital investment; it can have a direct impact on the efficiency of your business and the appearance of your building.

At Trent Park we appreciate the importance of getting things right from the outset, which, is why our highly experienced design team are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions and equipment from leading manufacturers to suit most applications.

Once we have assisted you in selecting the best solution for your project, our dedicated and professional project management team will ensure that your project is delivered on time, to budget and to your total satisfaction. By Providing excellent Lift Design, Manufacturing and Installation Services, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the leading Lift companies in Nigeria.


An old lift does not always need replacing in its entirety. At times, doing so may be extremely problematic due to the design or layout of the existing installation. It may be preferable to embark on a lift modernisation process where obsolete components may be replaced by modern equivalent.

A lift modernisation would normally be a larger job than a lift refurbishment and would involve Trent Park, undertaking a detailed survey of the lift(s) to enable us put forward our recommendations in the form of an assessment report.

Lift companies in Nigeria
Lift companies in Nigeria


We offer a range of maintenance services from a one-off service visits, through “reactive maintenance” agreements to “fully comprehensive” contracts. Service agreements can cover labour only or labour & parts, we work closely with our customers to develop a service agreement that meets their needs and is relevant for their purpose.

If optimal reliability and performance is what you require, call us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION MAINTENANCE QUOTE. Whatever your need is, our expert team is always available to speak with you and will gladly visit your site. We place effective communication with our customers at the highest level of priority and believe at Trent Park that, an informed customer is a happy customer.

Lift companies in Nigeria


For the most complex brief or challenging building structure, We are a lift company in Nigeria that can create and develop custom solutions. Custom lift design allows us to pick and choose form features & techniques such as:

  • Traffic studies & effective lift speed
  • Regenerative drives which return power to the mains
  • Spatial management and efficient use of space
  • Destination control system
  • Firefighting & Disability compliance
  • 24 hour in-car communication (via GSM)
  • On site & remote monitoring
Lift companies in Nigeria
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